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Advocating for the practice of neurosurgery in California to benefit our patients and profession

A Message From
CANS President

June 1, 2020

Recent events across the country have significantly impacted us all, particularly California Neurological Surgeons who are members of Black and Brown communities.

CANS stands in solidarity against racism, violence, and intolerance.

Our mission is to serve all with skill and fidelity, and that extends beyond the operating room. Racism, brutal attacks, and subsequent violence must end. We will help any injured, and we will use our voice in support of the health and safety of every person.


Mark E. Linskey, MD

Our work

Since 1973, CANS has advocated for neurosurgeons and our patients in all practice settings in California on a state and national level. 


We directly engage with state and national political leaders via CSNS, AANS/CNS Washington Committee, and Neurosurgery PAC.


We survey neurosurgery ER coverage data in California to ensure fair reimbursement and continue work to defend MICRA.


We send delegates to the California Medical Association. We participate in reimbursement advisory committees for both Medicare and private payors.

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January 15-17, 2021

Annual Meeting

The Challenges of Corporate Employment

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