CSNS Cross Post: Practice Parameters

Socioeconomic issues addressed by the CSNS are particularly challenging because there may be an absence of higher quality evidence compared to more standard clinical questions, or the literature pertaining to them may include legal, economic, social, or policy analysis and may not be in a familiar biomedical sciences format. The CSNS has often sought to summarize and report this work in “white papers” which may be published in a journal, or placed on the website or some other venue, in the hopes that our work will make an impact on neurosurgical practice.  The CNS Guidelines Committee has created “Clinical Practice Parameters” as a new method to provide “resources for clinicians on topics in which there is an absence of clinical evidence but there may be expert consensus,” which represents a new opportunity for work product of the CSNS.  For practice parameters, a procedure similar to guidelines creation is followed with a formalized methodological process:  a topic is proposed, team assembled, PICO questions and search strategy defined, evidence analysis, consensus development and peer review is conducted prior to endorsement and publication.  The CSNS, with its designation as a joint specialty section, can both nominate new topics and also nominate members to spearhead such efforts with Guidelines Committee Approval. Clinical topics of interest to the CSNS, but without sufficient evidence to warrant guidelines creation, such as the issues in the practice of neurosurgery, neurosurgical patient safety topics, etc, may be amenable to practice parameter formation.  Creation of practice parameters may be a useful option for resolution authors and committees to put forth for CSNS consideration, in order to create relevant statements regarding socioeconomic topics in neurosurgery, and increase the reach of the work of the CSNS. The first practice parameters are set to be released in 2024.  Additional information can be found here: https://www.cns.org/about-practice-parameters