Fellowship Info

The CANS Board of Directors invites neurosurgeons-in-training to apply for our fellowship

Two fellows each year will be selected. The ideal candidate would be in the 3rd year or later of residency and have a strong interest in the socioeconomics of medicine and in particular, neurological surgery. The term of the fellowship is one year, starting on July 1st and ending the following year on June 30th.


  1. The Fellows selected must be able to attend both of the Board of Directors meetings. These meetings occur on a Saturday in the spring and the fall. The meetings alternate between Los Angeles and Oakland. Economy airfare, booked at least four weeks in advance, or IRS approved mileage is reimbursed after proper completion and submission of an expense form.
  2. The Fellows selected must be able to attend the CANS Annual Meeting.  These meetings occur on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in January, typically on Martin Luther King weekend. Transportation and two nights of hotel will be reimbursed or provided. The Fellows selected are expected to attend the opening reception on Friday night and the Saturday night banquet.
  3. The Fellows selected will serve as a nonvoting member of Board Committee(s) as appointed by the President.
  4. The Fellows selected may be asked to present at the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Neurological Surgeons.
  5. The Fellows selected may consider attending the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS) at their own expense. These meetings precede the annual AANS and CNS meetings.
  6. The Fellows of CANS are expected to bring current residency topics to the meetings of the Board of Directors. Fellows are expected to partake in active Board discussions. Completion of the Fellowship may make the resident a more competitive candidate for applying for a Fellowship in the CSNS.

NOTE:  A letter of recommendation and program commitment from your program director or chairperson must be included with your application.  This can be sent via email directly to the CANS Executive Secretary at emily@cans1.org.

Former Fellow Experiences

"It was eye opening to learn how organized neurosurgery advocate for patients' and physicians' interests."

(Dr. Wang continues to be actively involved with CANS as a member of the Website Committee)
Doris Wang, MD PhD
Assistant Professor, UCSF
"There is a training gap in the socioeconomic, medicolegal, and legislative issues which play an increasingly important role in the practice and lives of neurosurgeons and their patients. I had the opportunity to learn about these issues and make small contributions to CANS initiatives. Specific experiences included participating in CANS board meetings, assisting with the annual meeting planning/execution, helping curate the CANS newsletter, and representing CANS at the AANS/CNS CSNS Resolutions Committee meeting. As a result of my fellowship, I plan on being an active advocate for the practice of neurosurgery when my training is complete."
Arjun Pendharkar, MD
Chief Resident 2020, Stanford