From the Editorial Committee

Dear CANS Members,

As we embark on a new chapter for the Newsletter, it is important to first acknowledge the impressive legacy we have inherited. Previous editorial committees, notably led by Randy Smith and then Moustapha AbouSamra, have shaped the CANS newsletter into a cornerstone of our state neurosurgical society. Their unwavering commitment to excellence not only enriched our newsletter but also served as an inspiration to us all. We are deeply grateful to these leaders, and their enduring legacy within our community will continue to influence us. We wish to continue to offer thought provoking content to enrich and grow your practice.

Looking forward, our editorial board is dedicated to upholding the high standards set by our predecessors, with a focused effort on issues of critical importance to California neurosurgeons. Our goal is to provide content that is both informative and relevant, directly addressing the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in our profession.

In upcoming issues, we will explore a range of topics crucial to the practice of neurosurgery in California. This will include comprehensive analysis of both local, state, and national legislative actions and their impact on our field. Understanding the dynamic landscape of healthcare policy and economics is vital for our community, and we strive to be your primary source for insights and analysis.  We intend to make our members educated, and armed with the best information as we strive to preserve our art, and our connection to our patients.

We will regularly feature key subjects such as coding, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), Relative Value Units (RVU), the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), value-based purchasing, and the implications of hospital consolidation. Our aim is not just to inform, but also to create a platform for dialogue and the exchange of ideas on these essential issues.

We firmly believe that an informed and engaged membership is crucial for the advancement of our field. Therefore, we encourage your active participation and welcome your feedback. Your insights and experiences are invaluable in shaping a newsletter that truly reflects the interests and concerns of the California neurosurgical community.

In the coming months, we will be offering rich content, including online and podcast-style discussions to enrich what we hope to be valuable insights into our current state, and how CANS, as the largest and most active state neurosurgical society hopes to elevate and lead the way for all of organized neurosurgery.

As we move forward, we do so with a renewed sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. Together, let us continue to build upon the strong foundation laid by the giants who have preceded us, fostering a newsletter that not only informs but also unites and empowers us all.

Thank you for your continued support.


The CANS Editorial Committee