Graphic of the Month

This month we focus on a lesser-known healthcare graphic.  Everyone is familiar with the graphics showing increasing costs in healthcare.  It’s all over the news.  What’s rarely shown is this graph.  Costs are going up, but utilization is going down.  We are doing less but paying more.  When people state we should be doing less to control costs, point them to this graph.  We are already doing less.  That’s not the problem. 

rewarding-but at moments, …essential?
(and,  engendering enduring gratitude!) JBH
“Dear Dr. John,

Thank you, thank you thank you!!

Today is the 45th anniversary of the day you saved Teri’s life after she fell and got a hole in her skull. 3-1-79. We think of you often, but especially on March 1st.  She is still doing very well in spite of having MS now for over 20 years.

We hope you and Leanne are both doing well!
We were going through some old photo albums recently and came across these two pictures of Lou trying to help you get the Jeep unstuck. Funny memories, now 

Our best to you always.
Sharon and Teri Wheelock”