Membership Renewal

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Active Membership Renewal

Active membership shall consist of physicians and surgeons who have a current and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State of California and who by reason of training and experience are qualified to perform neurosurgery. The majority of their medical and surgical practice must be in the specialty of neurological surgery and performed within the State of California as defined in section 3.04. Active members shall be entitled to full privileges of this Association and shall be entitled to vote and hold any office or appointment. They shall be required to pay dues.

Senior Membership Renewal

An active member in good standing, upon retiring from the practice of neurosurgery, may become a Senior member upon written notification to the Secretary and by approval of the Board. Senior members shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges of active membership except they shall not hold elected office or have a vote in the Association. They may, however, Chair or serve on a committee and be a voting member of that committee. They shall be required to pay dues.

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